Cultural The Hague


Museums, movies, dance and music

The Hague is famous for its dance and music performances. It is where extremes co-exist in perfect harmony. Museums, movies, theatres, dance and music … The Hague has many different faces. A lot of cultural temples are located in The Hague city centre like the Royal Theatre (Koninklijke Schouwburg), the Diligentia/Pepijn theatre, Filmhuis (art house), Theater aan het Spui etc. 

But also when it comes to visual arts, The Hague is a wonderful choice. A visit to the reopened Mauritshuis (art museum) is a treat, as well as the Escher in het Paleis museum, the Gevangenpoort (medieval prison), Galerij Prins Willem V (the First public museum in the Netherlands), the Humanity House, Studio Pulchri and many galleries on Noordeinde are worth every effort.

The Hague city centre is hosting cultural festivals and events on a regular basis, throughout the year.