The Beach

Scheveningen and Kijkduin seaside resorts

There are plenty of good reasons to visit the city of The Hague. How about popular festivals, interesting exhibitions, a great variety of shopping areas and the city’s wonderful beaches for a refreshing walk. In fact, The Hague is the only Dutch city by the sea. 

At a stone’s throw from the city’s historic heart, no fewer than 11 beach kilometres are yours for the asking. Take the tram (15 minutes) and live the experience. In The Hague, the beach is never too far away.

Take a long walk from the Zuiderstrand beach all the way to Kijkduin. Or cycle across the dunes. Check out the world-famous Pier of Scheveningen

The beach is perfect for work-outs, exciting volleyball games or kite surfing - the best surfing sports along the North Sea -. Good waves and a laidback atmosphere are guaranteed.

For the holiday spirit, why not spend the night at Scheveningen or Kijkduin. You are more than welcome.